Real Estate Design

For the last few years I've been working with a real estate team. Most of my focus has been designing and producing marketing deliverables; things like brochures, postcards, photography, advertisements, gifts, etc. After a while, I decided to get licensed as a salesperson/realtor in DC and MD to assist with various team sales duties, as well as working with clients of my own. Through this first hand experience of the transaction process I've been working on applying a user-centered approach for both client-facing and internal systems; trying to make each step in the process as easy as possible. I helped building templates and forms for assisting sellers with throughly preparing their property for the market, and helped produce materials to educate clients on the process and their options.

Below are examples of some of my favorite listing photographs I've taken, as well as various design samples, templates, and deliverables I've created for our business.

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