n149 Lamp Design

n1.49 was designed to create light effects. Inspired by the visceral effects of refracted and textured light, it seeks to bring depth and movement as a decorative light, setting a dynamic ambiance through creating delicate textures on surfaces.
Named after the index of refraction of acrylic, n1.49 bounces light rays within its form and projects them as textures in the surrounding environment. The interior edges of the acrylic discs are serrated to act as miniature prisms. These aid in refracting the light, separating the red, green, and blue hues of the light source.
With a sheet steel structure, n1.49 creates a sense of weightlessness through discreet bent joinery, with the cloth covered cord tucked neatly in the corner. As decorative lighting, n1.49 is perfect for setting the ambiance in beautiful interior spaces such as lobbies and restaurants.

designed and developed with by me, 2022.